What We’ll Discuss

What We’ll Discuss


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Whatever your goals for retirement, the Financial Advisor at ReJoyce Wealth Management can help. We can help create a customized retirement plan to work with your assets, investments, and resources.

Why ReJoyce Wealth Management

Our advisor and supporting team help individuals and families across the state of Indiana. We strive to uphold our well-known reputation as a provider of financial advice in Indiana worth checking into. We have an A+ by the Better Business Bureau, a member of the National Ethics Association, and a member of the Indiana Chamber.

The Financial Products

Every client is different, so why wouldn’t their portfolios be? Our Financial Advisor has access to different investment companies, each supplying their own financial products. This gives us the flexibility needed to recommend financial products related to each client’s unique situation. Setting up a successful retirement is one of our passions, which is why we offer a complimentary retirement analysis.

Our Services at ReJoyce Wealth Management

We provide planning and advisory services in Indiana. We offer personalized, client-based guidance—with a customized service offering, customer care, and consideration that larger firms typically don’t offer. Our combined experience, in addition to our tailored approach, makes ReJoyce Wealth Management a great pick for people looking for their own personal financial planner in Indiana.

Our Financial Planning Objectives

Many come to us because they want help in planning for a more secure future. Our objective is to help you work towards those goals. Through the years, we have found that the best way to achieve this is by providing passionate and comprehensive wealth management services to each client. We feel that people deserve unbiased advice based on the latest market trends. We also believe this advice should be provided by professionally trained planners who understand the long-term effects of the advice they provide.


ReJoyce Wealth Management helps Indiana families and individuals work toward financial security and clarity. We help our clients live their financial goals. From our office in Carmel, Indiana, ReJoyce Wealth Management’s financial planner works closely with all of our clients in Indiana. We offer a variety of financial plans and services customized to meet your individual needs. It’s never too early or too late to learn how to become financially secure. Contact us today to start planning for your future today.


You have been diligent about investing in your hard-earned retirement. Do you know how to begin investing your hard-earned income? Having ideas regarding your retirement is constructive, but you are going to need more than ideas to reach that goal. ReJoyce Wealth Management is available to give the financial retirement advice you can use with our knowledgeable investment advisors. Our Investment Advisor Representative can guide you to investments and help you manage your expanding portfolio.

Advisor Services


Our investment advisors have helped families across the state of Indiana create a variety of financial plans. All people desire varying results from retirement, and we are dedicated to helping you attain yours. Our investment advisor relies on years of experience to identify the investments that may work for you. Indiana means a lot to us, which is a big reason why we strive to provide sound financial advice to its residents.

Your Personal Financial Products

Providing a good variety of financial products, our well-trained investment advisors can access several investment companies. Giving financial products that are personalized to you is the freedom that our advisors can offer. We recognize our clients and their uniqueness, which is the reason we want their portfolios to be as unique as they are.

Reliable Advice

Financial advisors at ReJoyce Wealth Management strive for long-term development over immediate, unpredictable investments. While we realize that short-term investments can be worth it, we try to steer our clients towards solid, long-term investments that comply with their retirement goals.

Your retirement goals are what matter to us – whether you long to travel the world or focus on your goals at home – and we will provide personal guidance that will help you work toward those goals.

Our services include investment advice and other critical elements of wealth management.

Investment plans that work for you are important, but it’s not the only thing that we can help you with. In addition, we will focus on debt management and retirement. To ensure that we understand your financial objectives, we will sit down with you for a face-to-face consultation. After this, we will work together with you to develop a diversified portfolio and manage your wealth in order to help you work toward financial independence.

When you work with us, you can expect objective wealth management advice that is geared around your best interests, not ours. Set up a consultation today by calling our office in Carmel, Indiana.

What is Wealth Planning and Management?

Wealth and asset management combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax minimization, retirement planning, and legacy planning for a flat rate. You’ll work with a wealth management advisor who has the experience and knowledge to help you make educated decisions.

When you receive wealth and asset management services from ReJoyce Wealth Management, we do not limit the advice to investing alone. Wealth management is involved in every part of your financial life. Our wealth management advisors will develop a plan to maintain and increase your wealth based on your individual financial situation, goals, and risk preferences. Once we’ve created this plan, we can continue to meet with you on a regular basis so your financial situation is always properly cared for.

As a high net worth individual in Indiana, it’s important to know about the importance of wealth and asset management. A wealth management advisor will help you plan for the present and future needs of you and your family. Contact us today to get started.


Our knowledgeable, professional team here at ReJoyce Wealth management works hard to maintain client trust with every aspect of their wealth management. We pride ourselves in providing sound advice and doing all we can to lead clients to financial plans built around their unique life situations.


Institutional money management is specifically for high-value investors with low management fees, but extremely high minimum investment requirements. These typically target large institutional investors, such as pension, mutual funds, money managers, insurance companies, endowment funds, etc. For perspective, institutional investors make up about three-quarters of the volume of trades on the New York Stock Exchange[1].

Institutional money management includes moving large blocks of shares, and they generally have a huge influence on the movement of the stock market. Because institutional investors have such a large influence on the stock market, managing your funds might seem daunting. That’s where ReJoyce Wealth Management comes in.

Our team of qualified financial advisors will work tirelessly with you to ensure that your institutional funds are exactly where you want them. We’re equipped to supply financial guidance to all of the businesses of Indiana.

1 | Investopedia June 25th, 2019

Money Management Services

Every single member of our team is dedicated to managing your funds and assets. We’ll be able to analyze your company’s situation, financial goals, and help you make a custom plan for you and your investments. Our professionals have the know-how to help you make investments tailored to your situation. You can rest easier knowing that you are not alone in this process and have a team of professionals ready to assist.

Our financial advisors are ready to give you and your company institutional asset management based on your unique situation. If you’re ready to leave your finances, investments, and assets to professionals, call ReJoyce Wealth Management today.

Your Indiana Financial Advisor

Our Indiana financial advisors value long-term growth over short-term, volatile investments. We offer seminars about retirement financial topics.

ReJoyce Wealth Management’s office is located at 5 Center Green, Suite 106 in Carmel, Indiana. We serve Central Indiana, including the greater Indianapolis area. 



Investment advisors are bound to a fiduciary standard that was established as part of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. They can be regulated by the SEC or state securities regulators, both of which hold advisors to a fiduciary standard that requires them to put their client’s interests above their own.

The act is pretty specific in defining what a fiduciary means, and it stipulates that an advisor must place his or her interests below that of the client. It consists of a duty of loyalty and care, and simply means that the advisor must act in the best interest of his or her client. For example, the advisor cannot buy securities for his or her account prior to buying them for a client and is prohibited from making trades that may result in higher commissions for the advisor or his or her investment firm.

It also means that the advisor must do his or her best to make sure investment advice is made using accurate and complete information, or basically, that the analysis is thorough and as accurate as possible. Avoiding conflicts of interest are important when acting as a fiduciary, and it means that an advisor must disclose any potential conflicts to placing the client’s interests ahead of the advisor’s. Additionally, the advisor needs to place trades under a “best execution” standard, meaning he or she must strive to trade securities with the best combination of low cost and efficient execution.

SOURCE: Investopedia


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